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A lot of detoxing diets have received bad press; but if you understand the purpose and advantages, as well as the risks, then diets such as the fruit detox diet can be beneficial to your body.

What is the purpose of a fruit detox diet?

It is very important to understand that fruit and vegetable detox diets are not about losing weight. Loosing weight is about calorie intake and expenditure; the detox diets should be about body efficiency.

What are the advantages of the fruit detox diets?

Proteins and fats are harder for the body to break down, by reducing these in your diet you are allowing the intestines to ‘have a break’. Your intestines are lined with vili. The vili are responsible for the absorption of nutrients from your food. A detoxing diet will help the vili to absorb maximum nutrients, hence giving the body a healing boost. germitox preČ›uri

How long should you be on a detoxification diet?

If you are on a detox diet for too long you will do yourself harm. The human body needs proteins and fats to function. Staying on a detoxing diet for too long will also lead to light-headedness and you will not be able to perform your daily duties. An ideal time is three days. On a three day detox the first day will usually be about preparing the body for the metabolic change of a detox and the second and third days will be the actual detox.

Are there regular meals during detox?

Absolutely. This is not about staving yourself this is about giving your body a chance to recuperate. Although there should not be starch carbohydrates such as potatoes and rice, there should be a small amount of easily digestible protein once a day; a good way to achieve this is with a small amount of fish with a salad or simple vegetables in the evening.

What drinks can you have during a diet designed for detox?

The best thing to drink is water. Although you are having lots of fruit it is best to have this whole and not as a smoothy. Have the fruit solid and drinking water is more natural for your intestines and will also help you to manage the feelings of hunger.


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